About VidyaRanya Memorial Trust

VidyaRanya Memorial Trust is the Service Oriented Organization for Health, Success, Happiness in the People’s Life

Established in the year 2004, Vidyaranya Memorial Trust is dedicated to Late. Nanduri Vidyaranya.

Vidayaranya was a Vedic Scholar who studied Vedas & Shastras at Sringeri Shankar Muttam, Karnataka. India. He completed his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Osmania University and went to United States of America for doing research in Department of Mathematics, Kansas State University, Kansas, USA.

The ever affable Vidyaranya always in good health and was jovial all the time irrespective of any harsh conditions or situations and achieved success in all spheres of life. He strived for success in each and every field he choose and with his sheer willpower achieved it. But God loves his most wonderful creations and want them to be with him. Vidyaranya was first diagnosed with leukemia in January of 2003.

He underwent multiple chemotherapy treatments at Via Christi Regional Medical Center, Wichita, and Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St Louis. He then left the U.S. for India on October 22, 2003 after spending nearly four months, on and off, in the Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Vidyaranya finally lost his battle to leukemia on November 7, 2003 at his home in India at the young age of 28.

But his friends were ever supportive to Vidyaranya when he was badly in need of care and love. They helped him, not only financially but even with their support. In other words, they were like family members.

Vidyaranya is the luckiest person to have such great friends in his life. They were with him till the end and they are still with him along with the trust. They may not see Vidyaranya but they can feel him through the trust and he is always with us forever.

Vidyaranya will be missed by everyone whose life he touched in US, India and elsewhere, and he will never be forgotten. According to his brother, even when he was taking his last breath, he wanted to thank his doctors, nurses, and friends that helped him throughout his ordeal.

His last wish was to serve the people and his ultimate aim was to ensure that no one should suffer the loss of their beloved ones as his family has. He wanted everyone to have a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and Healthy Life.

And thus started the drive to ensure a healthy life for everyone. The board members and trustees of Vidyaranya Memorial Trust consist of eminent people who share the ideals of Vidyaranya.

Murthy V. Karri, Lakshmikanth Ganti, Shekhar V. Gosavi, V.V.Satish.K.Motipalli, Laxminarayan M., were the students in the Department of Mathamatics at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas who transformed Vidyaranyas dream into reality.

The whole Vidyaranya Memorial Trust, the members, Nanduri Panduranga Rao, Nanduri Sulochanamma, Nanduri Shankar, Nanduri Archana are very much thankful to you all for giving such a great support, cooperation and love.

We need your support to keep this trust alive and make it a successful one. We need like-minded people who share Vidyaranya’s vision and any one who wish to donate, or want any more details about the trust or any other activities, or like to join the trust. You can send your views to the below given E-mail address : 
Email :director@vidyaranyatrust.org