Kamineni Hospitals

45 years later, we have proven a model that combines the best of healthcare and other businesses that contribute to the national and international market.

Since 1995’s establishment of Kamineni Hospitals, to the start of Kamineni Institute of Medical Science and Kamineni Diagnostic Centres few years later, there emerged the concept of combining research, teaching and patient care. 

Vidyaranya Memorial Trust is conducting a Health Medical Camp at Nagole, Village, Hyderabad on August 28th’2011 with the collaboration of L.V.EYE PRASAD INSTITUTE & KAMENENI HOSPITAL TO remove the “Blindness from the root initiative” , General Health & Cancer Removal Awareness Programmes at Rural villages & Institutions.

L V Prasad Eye Institute

The Eye Institute is a non-profit organization governed by: the Hyderabad Eye Institute (HEI) and the Hyderabad Eye Research Foundation (HERF). The mission of the Eye Institute is to provide affordable and competent eye care to all sections of society. Therefore, we focus on geographically and economically disadvantaged groups, including both the rural and the urban backward classes and extend our services to them through satellite clinics and rural affiliates. Since our establishment we have provided outpatient services to 6 million people and surgical care to over 585,000 patients – almost 52 percent of them free of charge. 

Vidyaranya Memorial Trust conducted a Health Medical Camp at Kamareddy Village, Nizambad District on July 03’2011 with the collaboration of L.V EYE PRASAD INSTITUTE & KAMINENI HEALTH MEDICAL CARE CENTER to remove “Blindness from the root initiative” & Cancer Removal Awareness Programmes at Rural villages & Institutions.