Cultural & Traditional Values

The goal of the program is to raise awareness and interest in learning about traditional Hindu culture, beliefs, values and practices. We at Vidyaranya Memorial Trust believe that Hinduism has strong cultures and traditional values. By instilling these values into children mind we feel that they can be made responsible citizens. To achieve this we conduct programmes which will help children to ascertain their area of interest so that can we can encourage them to excel in their field they choose. With the help of this programme they get good recognition, shine better in their area of interest.

To learn to live together in today’s increasingly globalized world, we need to develop the skills and values to live in a very diverse cultural and linguistic environment. Once we may have seen such diversity as a feature of far-off societies, but it has now become part of our own daily life. Right in our own homes our lives are being touched by otherness, by different cultures

An intercultural focus such as we propose would have to begin by promoting the development of values directly related to the issue dealt with here: the diversity we should be sharing with all human beings. A development of this type should ultimately lead us to conceive of diversity as wealth and the promise of harmonious relations between men and women of different cultures and languages.

Vidyaranya Memorial Trust also undertakes music classes for relaxation. The music sessions at Vidyaranya Memorial Trust is meant to relax the mind and fill the spirit with soothing music and spiritual readings. Music has the power to affect your thoughts and feelings. Soft, soothing music can help you relax and lower your stress level. Music classes are conducted every evening at Vidyaranya Memorial Trust office premises, which helps people relax the mind, and to experience the real happiness from music.

Our spiritual program forms the core of what we do. Through the spiritual program, we strive to follow and implement the advice of proven age-old treatises. We offer a wide range of study and practice opportunities. Our goal is to meet the varied spiritual needs of our community. Thus we have programs for beginners as well as for those who have been practicing for a number of years. We have weekly practice sessions including silent meditation and special Mahayana practices.

The role of spirituality, considered by many to be an integral part of the mind-body phenomenon, is emerging as the next point of study and debate in this growing movement. More doctors are embracing the idea of encouraging patients’ faith as a way to promote healing, but some resist it, saying it raises ethical concerns and can weaken science’s role in care.

As a part of expanding Vidyaranya Memorial Trust service activities they also conducted a Veda Brahmin Vivah parichay vedika where many people from males to females to search for their life partners with a trust and confidence that any person can become life partner and were happy with their arrangements and had also successfully searched for their life partners and then later, they married each other. This indicates that Vidyaranya memorial trust covering all aspects of service activities free of cost to people and to see that their lives are happier and living healthily.